Turn your Snapmaker off before cleaning.

Inside of the Linear Module

The linear modules need cleaning after CNC carving that produces dusts and bits. Follow these steps to clean the linear modules:
1) Make the grooves of the linear module face down and shake out all the tiny remains.
2) If some remains stick inside the grooves, detach the cover (not connected to the cable) of the linear module. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the remains. When all the remains are removed, attach the cover back to the linear module.

3D Printing/Laser Engraving/CNC Carving Module, Touch Screen, Surface of the Linear Module, Base Plate, Safety Glasses

Use a soft cloth and 99% alcohol to sweep away any dust on these parts.

Carving & Engraving Platform

1) Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the bits.

2) Use a soft cloth and 99% alcohol to sweep away any dust on the platform.


  • Never service or repair the Snapmaker except under the instructions of the official User Manual or our technical support.

  • If you need to replace the nozzle, refer to the manual for 3D Printing > FAQ > What should I do when the nozzle is jammed? > 3) for detailed instructions.


Packing Your Snapmaker

  • You must only ship the Snapmaker in its original packaging and pack it safely. Shipping your Snapmaker in other packaging may damage the machine and will void your warranty.
  • Tape the boxes securely.


  • Sticker: If the sticker on the Heated Bed is severely damaged or prints can no longer stick to it, change it with the provided new sticker.
  • Filament Holder: Tighter the thumb screw when it is loosened.
  • CNC Bits: Keep the CNC bits in a dry place. Avoid places where the CNC bits will experience rain, moisture, or liquids.

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