Set the Work Origin and Adjust the Focal Length Using Snapmakerjs

This step ensures that the machine is laser engraving on the area you want. Wear the Laser Safety Glasses before you begin.

1) Make sure you have generated the G-code following Generate G-code Using Snapmakerjs. Make sure your computer is connected to the machine using the provided USB cable.

2) Click Load and the G-code is loaded to Workspace.

Or in Workspace, you can click Upload G-code.

3) In the Laser section (bottom-left corner of the software), click Focus and the laser is ON using a very low power. You can see the laser dot on the platform/material.

4) In the Axes section, use X-/X+/Y-/Y+ to move the laser dot to where the work origin will be. The work origin corresponds to the (0, 0) coordinate in the software.

Note: Use the 10/1/0.1/0.05 buttons to set how far the head goes every time you click X-/X+/Y-/Y+/Z-/Z+. The smaller value helps you set the distance more precisely. If you select 0.1, the head moves to the left for 0.1 mm when you click X-.

5) Use Z-/Z+ to adjust the distance between the laser engraving head and the surface of the material until you see the smallest dot. Click Set Origin.

6) Click Run Boundary to see the boundary of the engraved image. If part of the boundary runs beyond the material, follow step 4 to set the work origin again.

7) Follow the next instruction to start laser engraving.

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