Set the Laser Power and Choose a Way to Engrave

After the G-code is generated and the work origin is set, follow the steps below to set the laser power and choose a way to laser engrave. Wear the Laser Safety Glasses before you begin.

1) In the Laser section, click Set and then Save. The power is set to its preset value, which is recommended for the first engraving.

2) Choose a way to start engraving:

Option 1: Using the Computer (The computer must be connected to the machine throughout the process.)

A. Click to start engraving.

Option 2: Using the microSD Card (No need to connect your computer to the machine.)

A. In (Laser G-code Generator), click Export and save the G-code.

B. Copy the G-code into the provided microSD Card.

C. In (Workspace) > Connection, click Close and unplug the USB Cable between the computer and the machine.

D. Insert the microSD Card into the card slot on the Controller.

E. On the Touch Screen, go to Files, find and select the G-code (.nc) file. Then tap Start to start engraving.

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