Read This First - Safety Information

Improperly operating the Snapmaker can cause fire, eye or skin injury or other serious consequences from laser exposure. Please read through this section before you start laser engraving and ensure everyone else who uses it reads this too.

Before You Start

Wear the Laser Safety Glasses before you set up the laser engraver and throughout the laser engraving process.

Children require the supervision and assistance of an adult at all times.

● Do not use your Snapmaker while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

● Lasers are subject to regulations and standards, particularly when installed in an educational institution or place of work. Ensure that you comply with all applicable rules.

Do not touch the Laser Engraving Module of the Snapmaker while the laser is on. If you do so by accident, turn it off immediately and seek help from doctors.

Electrical Safety

To reduce the risk of electric shock or fire:

● Do not try to service, repair, or modify the Snapmaker.

● Never try to access the wiring of the Snapmaker.

● Do not open the power supply or any other sealed portion of the Snapmaker.

● If the Snapmaker is damaged, turn off the machine, unplug the power adapter and contact immediately.

● If there is any emergency or malfunction, turn off the machine and unplug the power adapter.

● Use only a properly grounded outlet.

Fire Safety

The Snapmaker’s laser cuts and engraves with a beam of high-intensity infrared light. The laser can generate extremely hot temperatures in the material being cut or engraved. Under some circumstances, it is possible for the material to ignite and for the flame to spread outside of the area being cut or engraved. If ignited, the flame could destroy your Snapmaker and spread, potentially setting fire to the building.

Fire Risk

● Do not use the Snapmaker to laser engrave anything that is not supported by the Snapmaker, even if you do not intend to cut or engrave it. Learn more about supported materials below.

● Do not stack materials; for example attempting to cut two or more pieces of paper at a time. Multiple pieces are more likely to burn.

Do not place things on top of the Snapmaker.

Do not store sources of flammable vapors like paint, acetone, gasoline, or alcohol in the same room as your Snapmaker. Flammable vapors could be ignited during operation.

● When an engraving is complete, certain materials, like plastics, can remain hot. Wait for them to cool down before you touch them.

Safety Equipment

● Always have a properly maintained and inspected fire extinguisher close to the machine, and know how to use it. A wet towel can also be useful in extinguishing small fires.

● Be sure smoke alarms are installed and tested in the building as required by local codes and manufacturer recommendations.

Keep Watch During Operation

Never leave the Snapmaker unattended while operating – always stay within sight. Look at it frequently.

● A small flame where the laser beam strikes the material is normal. This flame should move with the laser and should not remain lit when the laser has moved past. If there is a lasting flame on the material:

  1. Power off the machine and unplug the power adapter.

  2. If it is safe to do so, extinguish the fire with a wet towel or a fire extinguisher.

  3. If the fire cannot be extinguished or if it spreads outside the Snapmaker, call your local emergency number (for example 911) and evacuate the building.

  4. Do not operate the Snapmaker further until you have contacted us for service information at

Laser Safety

Your Snapmaker is a Class 3B laser product. The laser emits enough beam to cause skin and eye injury. The Snapmaker provides a pair of Laser Safety Glasses to protect your eyes. Wear the Laser Safety Glasses before you set up the laser engraver and throughout the laser engraving process. Keep a safe distance from the machine when it’s laser engraving.

CAUTION! Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

Do not modify or service

CAUTION! Attempting to modify or service the Snapmaker may result in hazardous laser light exposure.

To reduce the risk of injury:

● Do not attempt service. All service must be performed only by the Snapmaker factory or by factory-authorized technicians.

● Do not attempt to alter or modify the Snapmaker.

● Do not try to open sealed portions of the Snapmaker, including any protective coverings or housings.

Smoke and Fume Safety

When you use your Snapmaker, the laser creates visible and invisible aerosols, gases, vapors, and particulates (referred to here as “smoke and fumes”). The smoke and fumes can include carbon monoxide and other chemicals depending on the material being lasered and can present health hazards. The fan in the Laser Engraving Module can blow away some smoke and fumes but it might still be a bit smelly.

Do not forget to check your local rules for air quality regulations that may apply to you.

Materials Safety

What if I’m not certain whether my materials are supported?

It’s recommended to only laser engrave the following materials:

Wood, bamboo, leather, plastic, fabric, paper, non-transparent acrylic.

Do NOT laser engrave the following materials:

Metal, glass, gem, transparent material, reflective materials, etc.

Materials Must Fit

Materials that do not fit properly may obstruct operation and result in damage and increase risk of fire.

● The size of the material must be smaller than 125 x125 mm (4.9” x 4.9”).

● Do not place rolled-up material in the Snapmaker. It may be too tall, or unroll during laser engraving, obstructing operation.

Operating Environment

To prolong the life of your Snapmaker and to reduce the risk of fire or mechanical failure, do not put the Snapmaker where it could experience:

● Extreme temperature or humidity

○ Storage: below 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 Celsius) or over 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48 Celsius)

○ Extreme humidity conditions (below 10% or more than 75%)

● Direct sunlight

● Rain, moisture, or liquids

● Excessive hair, dust, or small particles

Stop Using Your Snapmaker If….

If any of the following occurs, immediately turn off the machine, unplug the power adapter, and contact . Do not use your Snapmaker again until the issue has been addressed by support.

● There is a fire in the Snapmaker which persists after the laser turns off.

● The Snapmaker stops unexpectedly.

● You see any damage to the interior components of the Snapmaker.

● You notice unusual light coming from the Snapmaker that was not occurring previously.

● You notice an unusual sound coming from the Snapmaker that was not occurring previously.

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