What should I do if there is no laser coming out from the laser engraving module at my first try?

  1. Make sure all the cables are connected properly and securely following the below picture. If the connections are correct, disconnect the RJ45 cable and connect it to the controller and try again.

  1. Change the Laser Engraving Module to the CNC Carving Module and see if it can work properly. If the CNC Carving Module can't work properly either, please fill in the warranty request on our website and contact support@snapmaker.com for assistance. If the CNC Carving Module works properly, please change it back to the Laser Engraving Module and go to Step 3.

  2. Make sure the four corners of the material are fixed properly on the Engraving & Carving Platform and try again.

  3. Make sure you set the work origin correctly according to the User Manual. Please set the power to 70% and click Set and Save on Snapmakerjs. Turn on the laser again and check if it can burn the material. Wood is suggested when testing the laser.

  4. When the machine is on, check if the fan next to the laser tube is working. Then fill in the warranty request on our website and send the results to support@snapmaker.com for assistance.

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