Set the Work Origin Using Snapmakerjs

This step ensures that the machine carves on the area you want. Wear the CNC Safety Glasses before you begin.

Caution: If you need to cut through the material, a spoilboard (a 3mm wooden board for example) must be put under the material. If no spoilboard is used, the CNC bit and the Engraving & Carving Platform will be damaged.

1) Download Snapmakerjs at

2) Connect the computer to the machine using the provided USB Cable. Connect the power adapter and power on the machine.

3) In Snapmakerjs, go to (Workspace) > Connection, click the button and click Open.

4) Click Upload G-code and select the G-code you generated.

5) In the Axes section, use Z-/Z+ to adjust the distance between the CNC bit and the surface of the material until the CNC bit will not run into the fixtures.

Note: Use the following buttons in the last row to set how far the head goes every time you click X-/X+/Y-/Y+/Z-/Z+. The smaller value helps you set the distance more precisely. If you select 0.1, the head moves to the left for 0.1 mm when you click X-.

6) Evaluate where the carving will be on the material. Use X-/X+/Y-/Y+ to move the CNC bit to where the work origin will be. The work origin corresponds to the (0, 0) coordinate in the software. Click Set Origin.

7) Click Run Boundary to see the boundary of the carving. If part of the boundary runs beyond the material or the CNC bit may run into the fixtures when it is lowered, follow step 6 to set the work origin again.

8) Follow the next instruction to start CNC carving.

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