Lower the CNC Bit and Choose a Way to Carve

1) Double evaluate the position of the carving. When you are sure the CNC bit will not run into the fixtures, click Z- to lower the CNC bit. Stop when the tip of the CNC bit is about 5 mm away from the material.

2) Put one half of an A4 paper between the material and the CNC bit.

3) Adjust the distance between the material and the CNC bit using the Z- and Z+ button. Keep adjusting until there is slight resistance on the paper from the CNC bit.

Tips: Pull the paper and feel the resistance while you adjust the distance.

4) Click Set Origin and then Run Boundary. If part of the boundary runs beyond the material or the CNC bit runs into the fixtures, use X-/X+/Y-/Y+ to adjust the work origin. The work origin corresponds to the (0, 0) coordinate in the software. Click Set Origin.

Caution: If the CNC bit runs into a fixture, power off the machine immediately and check if the CNC bit is damaged. Change the CNC bit if it is damaged.

5) Choose a way to start carving:Option 1: Using the Computer (The computer must be connected to the machine throughout the process.)

A. Click to start carving.

Caution: If you need to stop carving during the working process, click and . Please use Z+ button in the Axes area to head up the CNC bit before you remove the material.

Option 2: Using the microSD Card (No need to connect your computer to the machine.)

A. Copy the G-code you generated in Generate G-code Using Fusion 360 into the provided microSD Card.

B. In (Workspace) > Connection, click Close and unplug the USB Cable between the computer and the machine.

C. Insert the USB Disk into the Controller.

D. On the Touch Screen, go to Files, find and select the G-code (.cnc) file. Then tap Start to start carving.

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