Generate G-code Using Fusion 360

This instruction teaches you how to carve an “S” on a 2mm carbon fiber sheet. After you get familiar with all the settings, you can design your own inventions. For more details, please visit

Step 1. Get the Software Ready

Install the software and save the configuration files according to the following steps:

1) Download Fusion 360 at This software is available for Windows and Mac. Since the configuration for both systems is similar, here in this instruction, we take steps in Windows as an example.

2) Install Fusion 360.

3) To generate a G-code that Snapmakerjs can process, download the configuration file (addressed as personal post in Fusion 360) on our website ( and put the file in Fusion 360 according to the instructions at

4) Download the CNC tool file on our website (

Step 2. Design the Model You Want to Carve

Here we will design a model with the shape of the letter “S” to guide you through the steps.

1) In Fusion 360, select Model as the Workspace.

2) Select Sketch > Text and you can design a model with texts.

3) Select a plane to input the text.

4) Click the (0, 0) coordinate to specify the text position and enter the details of the text. In this example, we enter S in the Text field, 40.00 mm in the Height field and keep the others as default. Click OK.

5) Click on the text to select it.

6) Select Modify > Press Pull, and enter 2.00 mm in the Distance field. Click OK.

Step 3. Generate Tool-Path Strategies

1) Change the Workspace to CAM.

2) Select Setup > New Setup. Keep the default settings in the Setup dialogue box and click OK.

3) Select 2D > 2D Contour. In the 3D Contour dialogue box, click Select...

4) Unfold Local, right-click Library and select Import Tool Library. Find the tool file you downloaded in Step 1. Get the Software Ready step 4, and import it.

5) Select the following tool and click OK. We need to cut through the material in this example, so the Flat End Mill and the Flat end tool are used. When you need to engrave something, use the Carving V-Bit and the spot drill tool. If you want the engraved surface to be smooth, use the Ball End Mill and the ball end mill tool.

6) Select Geometry, and select the edge, the back of the model, the machine will carve.

7) To prevent the material from moving when the carving is almost done, enable Tabs, and enter the following parameters

8) Select Heights, enter -0.5 mm in the Offset field in the Bottom Height section.

9) Select Passes, enable Multiple Depths, and click OK.

10) Select the setup you just created (in this example, it is Setup1). Click Actions > Simulate.

Then you can click the button to preview the toolpaths.

Step 4. Generate G-code

1) Select Actions > Post Process.

2) Copy the folder path (configured in Get the Software Ready) where the snapmaker.cps is located to Configuration Folder. Select a folder in Output folder where your G-code is saved. Click Post.

3) Change the G-code name as you need, and save the G-code.

4) Follow article 5 to set the work origin before you start CNC carving.

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