Generate G-code Using Snapmakerjs

The latest version of Snapmakerjs (V2.3.0 or above) can generate G-code from an SVG image and do simple vector carving and cutting. If you have more requirements for the CNC functionality or want to carve your own design, please go to 4.2 Generate G-code Using Fusion 360.

1) Download the latest version of Snapmakerjs at

2) Connect the computer to the machine using the provided USB cable.

3) In the (Workspace) > Connection, click and select the Port connected to the machine and click Open.

Note: If you cannot find any port to connect to and your computer uses the latest Mac OS Sierra, please download and install the driver at

4) In the left column, click (CNC G-code Generator).

5) Click Upload Image and select the image you want to carve.

6) Set the Carving Tool according to the instructions in the software.

7) Set the Carving Path according to the instructions in the software.

8) Click Preview to see the rendered image. Click Generate G-code.

9) Follow article 5 to set the work origin before you start CNC carving.

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