What should I do if the filament gets stuck around the nozzle?

1.Use the touch screen to heat the nozzle.

2.When it is heated to the target temperature, use the provided tweezer to peel off the filament attached to the nozzle.

Please be careful since the nozzle is hot. Don't break the heating tube and thermistor (as highlighted in the following picture) or the 3D printing module will not work again.

3.Use 3 to 5 pieces of tissue to clean the rest of filament.Make sure you won't get burnt.

Note:If it is short circuit in the thermistor due to the messed filament. The nozzle cannot be heated anymore. Please use a hair dryer to heat the messed filament and carefully take the filament off using the tweezer. Please avoid blowing at the fan next to the nozzle, or it may be damaged.

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